Collaborating Organizations

Global China Connection
Global China Connection (GCC) builds international relationships through student-run events and media that focus on China. The largest nonprofit of its kind, with over 60 university chapters around the globe, GCC cultivates the next generation of leaders by helping students from China and the world to interact with each other and to develop personally and professionally. This conference is begin organized in partnership with chapters from Johns Hopkins University, Carleton College, and the University of Pennsylvania.

Payer+Provider Syndicate
Payer+Provider Syndicate is a consulting firm that utilizes quantitative techniques to drive operational change in the health insurance and hospital industries. Founded by Wharton alumni, Payer+Provider consists of a team of experts with doctorates in economics, health services research, and medicine. Payer+Provider’s experts use academically-validated techniques to assist clients, devise novel solutions to healthcare’s most challenging problems, and provide their insights through interviews.

Penn Biotech Group

Penn Biotech Group (PBG) is a cross-disciplinary student run organization at the University of Pennsylvania. We focus on addressing the challenges and obstacles facing the biotechnology industry today. To this end, we provide our members with education, real-world experience and networking opportunities to enrich their exposure within the biotechnology arena



United Family Healthcare


Cure Healthcare Management Services

Johns Hopkins University

ShanghaiBio Corporation